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The Acadian Story

"Soldiers rounding up terrified civilians, expelling them from their land, burning their homes and crops ‒ it sounds like a 20th-century nightmare in one of the world's trouble spots, but it describes a scene from Canada's early history, the Deportation of the Acadians."

~ Excerpt from "The Deportation of the Acadians," The Canadian Encyclopedia

In 1604, 16 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, a small group of settlers from France came to present-day Nova Scotia, a land that was then called "Acadie" in French or "Acadia" in English.

Against tremendous odds, battling hunger and disease, and with little support from France, The Acadians, as they came to call themselves, not only survived the first few years in their new home, they thrived. In partnership with the indigenous Mi'kmaq and Maliseet peoples, The Acadians built a vibrant colony in their new home.

We are developing a documentary film about The Acadian people of Maritime Canada. Theirs is a story of triumph, tragedy, and rebirth.

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